IPv6 link in NetApp SMVI backup log

NetApp Virtual Storage Console is my favorite to manage and backup data on NetApp attached ESXi host, there is lot of benefits to let you maintenance NetApp storage more efficient.

The installation is pretty simple, and very less resource it requires, you can even install it on a multi-role virtual machine. But the first headache maybe the backup log.…

NetApp Virtual Storage Console gives backup log URL in IPv6 format by default, you may don’t use IPv6 just like me, so you have to stop NetApp Virtual Storage Console services and add parameter in wrapper.conf file. Here is detail steps:

This procedure only needs to be done once, and from then on, the system will generate the proper IPv4 addresses.

1) shut down SMVI server (via Windows service)

2) Open the wrapper.conf file found here:

C:Program FilesNetAppVirtual Storage Consolesmviserveretc

3) Locate this section…

Java Additional Parameters





4) And ADD this line directly beneath


5) Start SMVI server (via Windows service), and test the SFR email notification.


Author: Wu


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