FC Traffic Drops After IOM Reset/Reseat/Cable Pull or UCS Upgrade

I just found a Cisco KB descripts a firmware issue may impact to ESXi FC storage performance. Please have a look whether your Cisco UCS system firmware is 2.1(2a), 2.1(2c), or 2.1(2d).

I checked my 2.1(3a), the out of order is not there, so it’s looks  like only impact the particular version mentioned in KB.

我刚刚找到一个固件问题导致光纤存储性能下降的思科知识库,你可以看看你的Cisco UCS固件版本是不是2.1(2a)、2.1(2c)、2.1(2d)

我刚才检查 了一下我的2.1(3a)版本,顺序错乱的问题并不存在,看起来这个问题只影响特定的固件版本哦。