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Deploye vCenter Server Virtual Appliance on VMware Workstation

There are lot of articles introduce how to deploy vCenter Server virtual appliance on VMware Workstation. I tried but somehow it’s failed. Following are some notes for your reference if you want to deploy vCenter Server virtual appliance on VMware Workstation real quick.

I assume you don’t have DNS or domain servers. Native DHCP services of VMware Workstation is used. You just want to use vCenter Server for some quick testings purpose, and “host-only” NIC you want to selected.

  1. vCenter Server installer validates FQDN when it’s first boot up. The process fails if FQDN doesn’t work. So please make sure “Host Network Identity” is IP address of the VM when you set the OVA options.
  2. The VM is immediately boot up after importing the OVA file. But VM NIC is “disconnected” status. You have to enable the NIC in VM properties real quick.
  3. You have to wait about 15 – 20 minutes after first boot. You will see the console screen doesn’t show IP addresses before it’s fully ready. The indicator of readiness is the IP address of the VM is responding to ping.
  4. Login https://vcenter_ip:5480 to continue vCenter Server installation after the first boot is ready.
  5. The password of Administrator@vsphere.local is same as you set during importing th OVA.