CustomAction VM_InstallJRE returned actual error code 1624

vCenter Server 5.5 Update 2e contains fix of Storage Monitor Service. It’s also a stable version since 5.5 Update 1. I got a problem when I upgraded my development vCenter Server last weekend. I’d like to share the solution since VMware doesn’t document that problem. (Maybe I didn’t find it. :-)) It’s kind tricky. vCenter Server 5.5 […]

No permission to login to vCenter Server 5.1

Today, we P2V one vCenter Server, I re-added identify source for some reason, I didn’t modified any existing domain group and ACL. After a while I got a interesting case. User reported they got “No permission to login to vCenter Server 5.1 by vSphere Client”. I looked into the vpxa.log of vCenter Server, it show […]

Failed to connect to SQL Server when install vCenter SSO

The installer may prompt “Failed to established connection” after input SQL database information. Reason can be vary. If your SQL account password is correct, it maybe caused by SQL password policy. The three password policy is selected by default when you create SQL account. You could also find similiar error message in %TEMP%/vm-sso-javalib.log: [2013-01-11 10:54:33,640]ERROR 733[main] – […]