“The terminal process terminated with exit code: 1” in Visual Studio Code when open PowerShell file

When you open a PowerShell file in Visual Studio Code, you may see following error: The terminal process terminated with exit code: 1 The issue usually occurred on new provisioned system or enterprise environment with restricted security policy. The reason and solution are same like my other post: “Timed out waiting for the PowerShell extension […]

Show CDP Neighbor of Cisco UCS Uplinks

There are two ways to know which network switch ports the network uplinks of Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnects are connected to. By CLI SSH to the Cisco UCS Manager. Connect to FI-A. # connect nxos a Show neighbor of network uplinks. # show cdp neighbor interface ethernet <port num> By PowerShell Make sure Cisco PowerTool […]

How To Find Non-tagged ESXi Hosts

There are plenty of scripts to find tagged ESXi hosts. But what if you want to find out all ESXi hosts not be tagged? Following is a simple script: Compare-Object ((Get-VMHost | Get-TagAssignment).Entity | select -uniq) (Get-VMHost) The output is similar like following: InputObject SideIndicator ———– ————- esx1 =>   esx2 =>   esx3 => […]