Quick Note: Mouse Jumps Around in VMware Workstation

I just upgraded a testing machine to Windows 10 1909. And installed VMware Workstation 15 latest version on the testing machine. Somehow the mouse jumps around in VMware Workstation when the mouse pointer is grabbed by a VM. This is very annoying. I only observed this issue when run VMware Workstation in remote desktop session. […]

[Quick Note] Failed to install pywinrm on CentOS 8

You may see error message “Running setup.py install for pykerberos … error” when install pywinrm on CentOS 8. The additional errors are “unable to execute ‘gcc’: No such file or directory” and “command ‘gcc’ failed with exit status 1“. The reason because gcc dependence is missing on the machine. You need to run following command […]

Balanced Memory Configuration for ESXi Servers

Background ESXi servers are fundamental infrastructure. The underly hardware performance has a butterfly effect on the upper layer virtual machines and applications. Since there is less than 10% performance overhead on the virtualization layer. So it’s valuable to get full performance on the hardware layer. Memory is a big player in hardware performance tuning. Balanced […]

Quick Note: Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager Windows overfit High DPI Screen

4K screen is getting popular in recent years. You may see some challenge for legacy applications. Such as “Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Manager”. It’s stopped developed since 2014. But it’s still a useful tool for server administrators. You may see the windows overfits screen on 4K display. The fix is: Go to properties of “RDCMan.exe“ […]

“Session data container is missing. It must’ve been destroyed, probably due to logout”

Quick post. You may see “Session data container is missing. It must’ve been destroyed, probably due to logout.” after rebooting a new joined domain vCenter PSC server. It usually occurs when you login to PSC web client. The reason is stale cookies on client browser. Clean up cookies will fix the issue.