How to configure vCAC 6.2 LAB on VMware Workstation 11 – Part 1

In previous articles I shared how to build vCAC 6.2 LAB, we created domain controller and DNS services on, vCenter Server on, 3 ESXi hosts on ESX01/02/, vCAC server on, IaaS server of vCAC on and FreeNAS server on

How to Build vCAC 6.2 LAB on VMware Workstation 11 – Part 1

Recently VMware released VMware vRealize Automation Center 6.2 (vCAC). I guess there will be a newer version along with vSphere 6.0. Be an ITPro you have to keep learning new stuff! I built a lab environment on my laptop for learning. I’m going to share my implementation experience below, it spent me dozen hours plus […]

Public cloud and web hosting provider Krypt reviews

My blog finally backed online!! Due to a updating issue on PhotoVPS infrastructure, my virtual machine ran into unstable since Monday. I didn’t notice it till Wednesday. The virtual  machine got intermittently network connectivity issue, PhotoVPS engineers can only temporarily fix it.  I was struggled by the situation, finally I decided order a new virtual machine on Krypt. […]